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We link ourselves to the world through rubber We link ourselves to the world through rubber
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What’s Minato Rubber

Minato Rubber Co., Ltd was established to sell rubber products in 1969. In 1971, we built our own factory and started producing rubber parts for automobile. Since then we have expanded the production to rubber parts for electrical appliances, building materials, pneumatic control devices and plastic products.
We have two factories in Japan, one is in Iwate prefecture and the other is RDC(research and development center) in Ibaragi. And we have Minato Rubber Vietnam Co., Ltd (MRV). We can choose appropriate production base with best technology to meet customers’ expectation and finally contribute to the customer’s satisfaction.

Strengths of
Minato Rubber


Vietnam factory

MINATO RUBBER VIETNAM CO., LTD (MRV) is a production base that supply the products to ASEAN countries as well as domestic customers whose motto is not to produce low value products.
In 2022 May, The third phase expansion was completed. It has expanded the production facilities and made necessary modifications to the line.
This third expansion has enhanced productivity greatly and lead us to good reputation for quality, which is eventually making MRV continue full production.

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